KaBloom Live Orchid Plant Collection: Bicolor Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant (18-24 Inches Tall) in a Terracotta Clay Pot.

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Includes: One Phalaenopsis Bicolor Orchid Plant in a 5-inch wide Terracotta Clay Pot.. Makes the perfect gift or decoration for the home or office
The Orchid Flowers will last for 3 to 5 weeks once they bloom and the orchid plant can rebloom several times a year
The Fresh Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant is very easy to care for and a care card is included. They like indirect light and only about an ounce of water a week.
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KaBloom Now offers a wide variety of fresh plants, making the prefect gift, or decoration for the home or office. This unique white and fuchsia Orchid plant is a wonderful addition to your indoor garden with its natural terracotta clay pot! Amazon Prime members can enjoy free next-day delivery!