Vermil Premium Handmade Emerald Green Thumb Ring for Traditional Archery (20x23)

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good for protect the archer's thumb from arrow while the player is shooting (these ring have been handmade to the finest quality)
suit for the Eastern traditional archery; for example, Korean, Chinese, and Mongolian style
50% off next ring in case that the ring does not fit customer's thumb
robust and hard to brittle: 3 months gaurantee
fast handling within 2 days exclude unofficial days


VERMIL ARCHERY was established from an archer who love in this classical and traditional sport. Meant for the archery savvy, the VERMIL thumb ring is designed in versatile sizes to protect the archer's thumb and it fits over the end of the thumb. This modern classic ring can be used either RH or LH. For selecting the size of the ring, our customer can measure two dimensions following the photos we provide on listing. Please measure on the thumb knuckle and press the vernier a bit in order that the ring tab from sliding over knuckle.